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If you like flea markets do not miss this one in Amsterdam.  I checked it out and it is great. Moreover I found a Flea Market Calender for you with all the flea markets in Holland in 2015. The market in IJ-hallen at NDSM is every two weeks and lasts the whole weekend. It is easy to rent a market stall there..

IJ-hallen Flea Market on NDSM

To get to the jumble sale (in Dutch: “rommelmarkt”) we take a free ferry behind Amsterdam’s central railway station. Today there is a raging winter storm blowing.  We seek warm shelter on the ferry. After a short boat trip we arrive at the abandoned post industrial shipyard of NDSM. Time has overtaken the industrial glory of the past. Hidden in this former industrial zone you will find theatres, urban art, underground cafe’s, galleries and weekly events. City nomads are in charge here now. One of the events they organise is the flea market that takes place every two weeks and which opens a bottom-up spectre of Amsterdam to wanderers, backpackers and luxury travellers.

 Vintage watches and retro style goods

The flea market offers everyone a business opportunity. Anyone can rent a market stall for €30 a day. The market is one great big pleasant surprise. You can of course find the more or less regular traders but you will also run into people with their garage sale items on display, selling grandma’s vintage clothes or their own wardrobe. Stalls specialize in pepper mills, coffee grinders and cutlery. When you are short of money and in a romantic mood you might find a well-fitting bridal dress and a flying carpet to paradise. We examined an amazing collection of fur coats. Highly suitable attire on this icy winter day. Because of the harsh weather the market’s outdoor section was postponed.

 Shipyard Architecture

The market hall was once the pride of Dutch shipbuilding. The Commune of Amsterdam is developing a new zoning destination for this former industrial area. When you visit the market you enter enormous halls. Without understatement you’ll find ” the largest European flea market” right here.  And this market is in fact bigger than the markets on Portobello Road in London and at the Porte de Clignancourt in Paris. Moreover they definitely only sell authentic flea-stuff items. New goods are banned from this market.

When and Where do you find the IJ hallen Flea Market on NDSM

Coming Market days: Saturday and Sunday 24 and 25 October 2015. Check the Flea Market Calender to find any flea market in Holland in 2015.

Address: NDSM, IJ-Hallen, T.T. Neveritaweg 15, 1033 WB Amsterdam-Noord,

By car: Ring Amsterdam (A10): afslag Oostzaan richting S118.

By bus: From Amsterdams central railway station (Amsterdam CS) ‘by bus 35, 91 or 94. Get off at  Klaprozenweg (91, 94) or Ataturk (35).

Free ferry: Behind Amsterdam’s central railway station, Ferry 906 to the NDSM-Quay. (My favourite)

Free parking: Papaverweg 50, 1032 KJ Amsterdam.





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