Dutch national holidays and school holidays


These are the most important national holidays in the Netherlands and an overview of Dutch school holidays. It can be interesting to connect your trip with feast days or events. Cities like Utrecht can be very quiet during school holidays as there are living 35.000 students in Utrecht that leave on vacation in summertime. Their departure has great impact on the city’s social life.

In the Netherlands school holidays are organized by region and by type of school.  There are three regions: north, central and south. Scroll down to overview the details.

Planning your trip to Holland

When you plan your trip to Holland in Dutch holiday periods from one side you will enjoy more activities than off to the holiday season and on the other side certain cities are very quiet as most people left on a vacation. Amsterdam, the beach resorts and the Dutch Isles will be crowded in summer while cities inland can be nicely quiet. Take a look at my  Events Calender as well. I selected a broad range of events for you. In the summertime all over the country concerts and parties are going. Make your choice and have a good time.

National Holiday
  Date Day off the week Week number
New Year’s Day January 1 Thursday Week 1
Good Friday April 19 Friday Week 14
Easter Sunday April 21 Sunday Week 14
Easter Monday April 22 Monday Week 15
Kings Day April 27 Saturday Week 18
Liberation Day May 5 Sunday Week 19
Ascension May 30 Thursday Week 20
Whit Sunday June 9 Sunday Week 21
Whit Monday June 10 Monday Week 22
Christmas Day December 25 Wednesday Week 52
Boxing Day December 26 Thursday Week 52
New Years Eve December 31 Tuesday Week 53
Other Holidays
  Date Day off the week Weeknumber
Epiphany January 6 Sunday Week 2
Carnival March 3 till 5 Sunday till Tuesday Week 7
Valentine’s Day February 14 Thursday Week 7
Witte Thursday April 2 Thursday Week 14
Clock goes one hour forward in time
March 31 Saturday Week 13
Commemoration of the dead May 4 Saturday Week 19
Mothers Day May 12 Sunday Week 19
Fathers Day June 16 Sunday Week 25
Ramadan May 5 till June 4 Sunday Week 26
Eid al-Fitr June 5 Tuesday Week 31
Prinsjesdag Openingday of Dutch parliament September 17 Tuesday Week 38
Animals Day October 4 Friday Week 40
Clock goes one hour back in time
October 25 Sunday Week 43
Halloween October 31 Thursday Week 43
Saint Martin November 11 Monday Week 46
St. Nicolas December 5 Thursday Week 49
2018/2019 Northern region Central region Southern region

Primary school

Secundary School Pre-school
Primary school
Secundary School Pre-school
Primary school

Secundary School

Christmas Holiday 2018 20-12-2018 till 4-1-2019
Spring Holiday 16-2-2019 till 24-2-2019 23-2-2019 till 3-3-2019 23-2-2019 till 3-3-2019
May / Tulip Holiday 27-4-2019 till 5-5-2019
Summer Holiday 13-7-2019 till 25-8-2019 20-7-2019 till 1-9-2019 6-7-2019 till 18-8-2019
Autumn Holiday 19-10-2019 till 27-10-2019 19-10-2019 till 27-10-2019 12-10-2019 till 20-10-2019
Christmas Holiday 2019 21-12-2019 till 5-1-2020

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