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In this blog you find an interactive link to over 1000 festivals and events in Holland in 2019. I like to share as much information as possible with you about events, festivals, programs and other activity’s. Besides the well-known tourist attractions there is a lot to do in Holland, you know. It might not be a bad idea to avoid Amsterdam. So, plan your trip very carefully. Book tickets online well in advance. Almost every day there’s something special to do. Make sure you spend you’re time well in Holland, make it unforgettable.

How to find a festival, event, city and location in google

Dutch words look a lot like English words, these words can be a great help when you try to find events with the Google search machine. Adres = address stad = city, gebouw = building, kruising = crossroad, straat = street, weg = road. 

Our guide to a festival, event, city or location

In 2019 there are more than a thousand festivals in Holland. To get detailed information about festivals, events, cities and locations we advise you to check out this interactive map of Holland with all the festivals.

The Festival agenda , this also is the a good website with a complete overview of festivals in Holland and Belgium.

An overview of programs by city, by location

Actual agenda of all jazz and blues concerts in Holland: The Jazz Calendar

Amsterdam, province Noord Holland: – Jazz

Arnhem, province Gelderland:

Eindhoven, province Noord Brabant

Snoop the Dog

The Hague, province Zuid Holland

Rotterdam, province Zuid Holland:

Utrecht, province Utrecht:

Groningen, provincie Groningen

Leeuwarden, provincie Friesland


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Hello, my name is Joop and I am the creator/designer of this blog. Always looking for new adventures. I travelled the World and would like to travel some more. Well, that's who I am in a nutshell. Together with some friends and family we like to show the Netherlands to the World. I hope you will enjoy our blog and persuade you to visit our lovely country. Love to see you soon in Holland.

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