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I like to share as much information as possible with you about events, festivals, programs and other activity’s. Besides the well-known sights there is a lot to do in Holland. Look into the agenda’s, there’s something special to do everyday. Make sure you spend you’re time well in Holland, make it unforgettable.

Dutch words look a lot like English words, these words may give you a little help while you look in the Dutch agenda’s.
Adres/address, stad/city, gebouw/building, kruising/crossroad, straat/street, weg/road.

Festival agenda
 , this is the best webside with a complete overview of festivals in Holland and Belgium.

An overview of programs by city, by location:

Amsterdam, province Noord Holland: – Jazz

Arnhem, province Gelderland:

Eindhoven, province Noord Brabant

The Hague, province Zuid Holland

Rotterdam, province Zuid Holland:

Utrecht, province Utrecht:

Groningen, provincie Groningen

Leeuwarden, provincie Friesland


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Hello, my name is Hennie and I am the creator/designer of this blog. Always looking for new adventures, travelled the World and like to travel some more. That's who I am in a nutshell. Together with some friends and family we like to show the Netherlands to the World. I hope you will enjoy our blog and persuade you to visit our lovely country. Love to see you soon in Holland.

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