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Our Perception of Eindhoven

When we think about Eindhoven in Holland we think off soccer, cigars, cars and light bulbs. The city might be the heart of technical innovation in Holland and is the home of many expats. Important international companies like Philips and ASML are originally from Eindhoven. You find an excellent Univerisity here as well. Moreover Eindhoven has (one of) the best soccer teams of Holland: PSV. And it definitely is the City of Light. Though Eindhoven might be the center of technical innovation in Holland, I miss a convincing display of its achievements in technology. I miss a visitors centre dedicated to technology. The Light Bulb Museum does not convince me. I would like to find in Eindhoven an exhibition of modern technology – e.g. a playground for robots and demonstrations of the possibilities of nanotechnology – but i didn’t find it yet.

From Eindhoven Airport into the City

From Eindhoven Airport (Vliegveld Eindhoven) bus 401 will take you in 20 minutes to the City Center. You might jump on a train immediatly but Eindhoven can be full of surprises. I think the best time to visit Eindhoven is during the Glow-festival and the Carnaval. Glow transforms Eindhoven into the City of Light. The City becomes the decorum of lightsculptures. During Carnival from 13 to 17 February 2015  the name of the city is changed in “Lampegat”. I love the Glow Festival in November which is also related to the presence of Philips. A company which nowadays though is a marketleader in medical technolgy and does not produce lightbulbs anymore..

Picasso in Eindhoven

Eindhoven offers a variety of exhibitions of modern art, an archeological open air museum and musea dedicated to the rich industrial past of the city. We  recommend the Van Abbe Museum. A museum with an outstanding collection of modern art. We saw Picasso, Mondriaan, Kadinsky and a Monet among others. And I also want mention a painting of the Dutch surrealist Moesman.

Carneval Eindhoven

During Carnival from 13 to 17 February 2015  the name of the city is changed in “Lampegat”. A name with an ironic twist towards the omnipresence in the city of electronical giant Philips. The great Carnival Parade starts at 14 februari at 1 hrs. pm and livelies up the city centre. There are lots of things going on. Dress up and be part of the show and meet the City’s “Prince Robert d’n Urste of Lampegat”.

How to get to:

Van Abbemuseum: Bilderdijklaan 10, 5611 NH Eindhoven. Closed on mondays. Open till 5 p.m.


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