Rokjesdag – Skirt Day


“Rokjesdag” is the first beautiful super sunny day in Spring when most Dutch women and girls feel a sudden need to wear a skirt or a mini dress and have bare legs.

Skirts Day, in Dutch we say “Rokjesdag”

Skirts Day is never on the same day in spring. This year Skirts Day was already in February with very nice temperatures. In 2015 it was on 10th of april, with a temperature of minimal 20 degrees.
In 2014 Rokjesdag was om March 20 and in 2013 it was on March 23 . So you never can tell when its gone be “Skirts Day”. Signs in the street saying: “Girls in a skirt pay half the price”, show what kind of day it is. Well, you will understand it is hard to plan in advance your trip to Holland on skirts day.

The Dutch writer Martin Bril introduced “Rokjesdag”

Rokjesdag (Skirt Day) is invented by the Dutch writer Martin Bril who also was a columnist for one of the biggest newspapers of Holland. And so, as Martin Bril stated, it is not just a day with good weather for wearing skirts. It is that one and only day in Spring when the temperature is around 20 degrees. A day when the wind is too strong. A magical and special when  woman suddenly wear a skirt. The skirts are worn throughout the day even though it still can be cold in the morning. In a skirt woman ride their bike to work, to school or to go out shopping.

Skirts Day -Rokjesdag – added to National Dictionary

The Dutch saying “Rokjesdag” is added to the Dutch National Dictionary. So, the meaning of  the word “rokjesdag” is well established in the Netherlands.

The term Rokjesdag is now used in a more common way, when the weather is nice people say: “It is Rokjesdag”.

So take care women! When you visit Holland in spring and it is a splendid day, beware of this sudden feeling to wear a skirt. You will not be the only one who has this sudden summer feeling. The dress code is”bare legs”.

As a tribute to Martin Bril, who died at the age of 49 in 2009, a group of women made the flash mob Smart & Sexy in Amsterdam. Watch the movie below to get an idea of the frenzy  involved with “Rokjesdag”.


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