National Park the Marker Wadden


Your visit to National Park The Marker Wadden starts in the ports of, Lelystad, Monnickendam, or Hoorn. You embark on a luxury charter or on a simple ferry which brings you on a day trip from Lelystad to the newly created islands in the lake called Markermeer. On the Marker Wadden, you can go on a guided tour or explore the nature reserve by your self following tracks and paths which bring you from one bird hide to the other.

National Park Marker Wadden counts many islands

An archipelago of dozens of islands has been created recently with sand dredgers and excavators. Now, natural banks contribute to improving water quality and the development of a new nature. Birds, fish, insects, and plants develop at an incredible speed. Restoring biodiversity in the heart of the Netherlands. The islands are created with silt, clay, and sand from the bottom of the lake itself. A true innovation in hydraulic engineering.

Hiking in National Park Marker Wadden

Your trip on the Marker Wadden starts in the port. Have a coffee with apple pie at the visitor center or go to the nearby shop to get leaflets or book a guided tour. There is a signposted walking route of 2.5 to 6 km. In total, the main island of Marker Wadden has 12 kilometers of hiking trails. Part of it consists of decking paths that run through sandy and swampy stretches. The trails bring you to spectacular looking bird hides which offer great opportunities to observe the birdlife.

Birds in National Park Marker Wadden

When you are lucky you will see the sea-eagle on the Marker Wadden. At least five of them are flying around. Spot large flocks of sand martins, at least 1000 birds, and 70 nest holes were counted recently at the sand walls along the North Beach. A spectacular number of Kentish plovers live here. Small plovers and ringed plovers are also abundant. A colony of little terns has been seen and black-headed gulls, avocets, and common terns breed here as well. Hiking across the islands you hear the singing of small reed warblers and reed buntings in the reed collars.

Exposure is the name of the statue on the dike at Lelystad.

Spending the night on Marker Wadden

On the Marker Wadden you can spend the night in really exciting accommodations. Book one of the sustainably built energy-neutral island houses. Really unwind in the silence of this remote area where you will not be short of anything, while nature takes its course. Dive into the Markermeer, walk on the beach, and enjoy the exuberantly chirping birds.

Spending the nigh in a cabin on the Marker Wadden

Things to do around the Marker Wadden

When you are interested in technical information about building dams, dikes and islands in the sea and constructing harbors you want to visit the open-air museum Waterloopbos.

Do you prefer to go shopping? Do not miss the nearby outlet center Bataviastad in Lelystad. Find the best bargains in one of the greatest outlet malls in the Netherlands.

Do you want to see more of National Park New Land in the Netherlands? Then you do not want to miss nature reserve the Oostvaardersplassen. Stroll around the borders of the park or take a trip into the park with a ranger.

Ferry arriving at Marker Wadden
Herd of Hoses in Nature Reserve Oosvaardersplassen


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