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Dutch King’s Day In Amsterdam

The Dutch King’s Day is the biggest birthday party of the year in Holland.  April 27th we, the Dutch, celebrate the birthday of our King Willem Alexander. Celebration time, come on. There will be music, flea markets, fairs and parties everywhere. It is a feast. A Celebration. Let’s all celebrate and have a good time. So everyone dresses up in orange; everything is decorated in orange and the entire country looks orange. It is so cool. Get your gang together and mark April 27 in your agenda and come to Holland. You don’t want to miss this awesome party. It is celebration time each year on April 27. Come on. In Utrecht the party starts on the 26th of April at 6 p.m. So bring your good times, and your laughter too. Well, King Willem Alexander: we gonna celebrate your party with you. Celebration time. Come on.

Party boats in line for the lock

King’s Day in Utrecht starts on April 26

In Utrecht King’s Night starts at the evening before King’s Day with the biggest flea market of Holland. Music performances are all over the centre of Utrecht. Life music, dancing in the streets, its one big happy party.

Dutch King”s Day 2019

In 2019 King’s Day is on April 27.

Everyone dresses up in orange and is having a grand party. The total country feasts with music, fairs, flea markets and parties in the streets and parks. Put on something orange and join the party.

On King’s Day the Dutch King is on tour with the Royal Family

Each year the Royal Family visits a different city to enjoy entertainment. In 2015 the King visited the city Dordrecht. We do not know yet which city will visit op April 27, 2016. But we do know that the Amsterdam Cafe “De Blaffende Vis”(The Barking Fish) will surprise us with a display on the facade of their cafe in the quarter “Jordaan”.

The Royal Family arrived by boat  Dordrecht in 2015 and a grand parade started. After the parade the Royal Family went to the Cathedral were they watched a show of the Bach Choir. Later that day they met city residents; enjoyed local products and  artists showed their work.

King William and Queen Maxima during their visit to the City Dordrecht in 2015.

Best places to be on King’s Day in 2019: Amsterdam, Utrecht or The Hague.

In Utrecht the festivities start at Kings Night, this is on the evening of the 26th at 18.00 hours.

So? Will you join us on King’s Day?


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