Castle De Haar, Haarzuilens


Castle De Haar in the village Haarzuilens is close to Utrecht

De Haar Castle is the biggest and most luxurious castle of the Netherlands. A beautiful castle with its towers, turrets, moats, gates and suspension bridges, it resembles a true medieval castle. This castle is in the little village of Haarzuilens near Utrecht. A visit to Castle De Haar takes you back to the glory days of the past. Your visit will give you a better idea of the excessive life that the international jet set lived at the beginning of the 20th century.

Rose gardens around Castle De Haar in Haarzuilens

The park and its gardens surrounding Castle De Haar, its covering over 135 acres of land and is absolute worth a visit. The Rose Garden, the Roman Garden, the ponds and canals, as well as the many bridges, romantic vistas and impressive avenues invite visitors to go on a long walk. Each season has its own charm, the park is always beautiful.

Visit Castle De Haar in Utrecht

The castle can only be visited on guided tours led by one of our expert guides. During the tour, you will learn everything you need to know about the castle’s architectural history, its interior and collection and about the special relationship with the Van Zuylen and Rothschild families. The castle has a cosmopolitan grandeur unique to the Netherlands.

Festivals and Events at castle De Haar in Haarzuilens

At castle de Haar there are organized regular events. On these days are different admission prices. The most famous events are the Country and Christmas fair and Elf Fantasy Fair . On the Elf Fantasy Fair all visitors come dressed as knights, elves, witches and dwarves.  The Country and Christmas fair is end of November and the Elf Fantasy Fair is in the summer time.

When to visit Castle De Haar.

The place is open 7 days a week. The park around the Castle opens at 9 o’cock. The Castle itself usually opens at 11 hours. The place closes just after 16 hours.

Adress: Kasteel de Haar
Kasteellaan 1
3455 RR Haarzuilens


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