To the Cheese Market and Cheese Museum in the Netherlands


The Dutch Cheese markets of Alkmaar and Gouda are quite famous. On Thursdays morning at 10 o’clock the market starts in the historical center of Gouda. On Fridays at the same time you can watch traditional Dutch Cheese trade in Alkmaar. Go see it. It is only a short trip by train from Amsterdam. In this blog we show you the way in Amsterdam along Anne Frank House and the  Markets of the Jordaan to a Cheese Museum.

Cheese Exhibition オランダのチーズ

As we enter one of the smallest museums of Amsterdam the smell of cheese is overwhelming. It looks like a shop and it is a shop revealing the history of cheese as well. In the basement there is an interesting display of the production process of cheese. The staff will tell you all there is to now about different kinds of Dutch cheese. The shop assistants are dressed in traditional Dutch clothes. If you like you can also dress-up in a traditional Dutch costume, put on wooden shoes and catch your selfie.

Of course you can taste Dutch cheese in all its appearances and if you like it you can buy some as well. We recommend “Old Amsterdam”, a strong-tasting old cheese with a dominant character. If you like a more soft and light cheese then we recommend grass cheese. This cheese is made of milk from cows which are for the first time outside after a winter in the stable producing the best creamy milk from the rich Dutch spring pastures. Cheese must ripen for at least 4 weeks before you can eat it, but when you taste spring cream cheese it melts on your tongue.
The displays in the museum give’s you a good idea about how cheese is made in the Netherlands.

Watch this little video. I absolutely adore these dancing cows, every spring when the stable doors open the cattle enjoys freedom regained by having a party. Before going outside in the fields the cows listen all night long to Dutch Dance Music shaking their boobs in the barn. Shake your cheese, say it bit… Say Cheese.

Cheese markets
The best Dutch Cheese museum is located in Alkmaar, a city in the north of Holland. From April till September, every Friday morning, there is a traditional cheese market in the historical center of Alkmaar.
In the city Gouda, on Thursday mornings from April till September, there is a cheese market as well.
On both markets cheese is sold in the traditional Dutch way with vigorous hand clapping, an absolute must see and must smell in Holland.

Edam, Gouda, Beester and Leerdammer Cheese

The best Dutch cheese is named after the city of production, for example Leerdammer cheese is made in the city Leerdam.
Cheese like Edam, Gouda and Leerdam are known and sold all over the world.

Tips for Trips

Opening hours Cheese Museum:
Daily from 10.00 till 18.00 hours
Address: Prinsengracht 112, Jordaan, Amsterdam
NavFree is a free navigation app that works with GPS, it guides you very wel through the Netherlands.

Cheese market Alkmaar: Friday morning in the historical center from april till september.

Cheese market Gouda: Thursday morning in the historical center form april tilll september.

Nearby: Anne Frank House

The Cheese Museum is near Noorder Market, Linden Market, Westerstraat Market and the Anne Frank House. 


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