Wijk bij Duurstede Castle: Blues at the River Rhine


You find Duurstede Castle on the banks of the river Rhine. Once Romans and Vikings ruled here now Blues musicians control the city. But Castle Duurstede remains a playground for fairies and knights. But the best thing is that romance comes to a climax when love is codefied in Dorestad Castle at countless wedding parties.

Big Band Zeist playing in Castle Duurstede.

Wijk bij Duurstede Castle: Stage for Blues Music at the river Rhine

Duurstede Castle is great. Watch the tower reaching for the sky. Clinging to its island. Once it was surrounded by walls as well. The castle is magic. It offers a stage to Jazz and Blues.  But it also is a playground for fairies building castles in the sky. Moreover the surrounding countryside and the city of Wijk bij Duurstede are awesome.

From Castle Wijk bij Duurstede in a kayak downstream the River Rhine

Picture yourself in a boat on a slow streaming river. Going downstream the Old River Rhine in a canoe. It is so quiet. It is oh so still.  Birds are singing. Orchards and pastures green as far as the eyes can see.  You move under monumental skies. Where are you? Well, you paddle through the countryside of Holland from Wijk bij Duurstede to Utrecht. You pass by more castles and monumental parks. Finally arriving in the city center of Utrecht. You find yourself on one of the most beautiful canals in Europe. You are in the heart of Holland. You are in one of the five strongest economic regions of the European Union. Sit down, have a drink on a terrace on the banks of the canal and get enchanted by the magical realism of Utrecht.

Castle Duurstede is surrounded by water.

Panorama of Castle Wijk bij Duurstede from the dikes along the River Rhine

  1. Rent a kayak in Wijk bij Duurstede and paddle to Utrecht.
  2. Enjoy the best ice cream of the region in the center of Wijk bij Duurstede.
  3. Visit the corn mill Rijn and Lek and climb to the top of the mill.
  4. Visit a Sunday afternoon concert at Castle Duurstede.
  5. Do not miss the weekly market on Wednesday mornings. Once a year there is a special Geranium market.
  6. Rent a bike in Duurstede and explore the countryside. Do not miss the Cherry Museum and the Cherry Hut in Cothen, Groenewoudseweg 18.
  7. Museum Dorestad: Dive into the rich History of Dorestad. They do have quite a collection of Roman and Viking objects, sometimes more then 2000 years old, found during excavations.

Corn mill Rijn en Lek

Castle Duurstede

Short walk from Castle Duurstede to the River Rhine and the city center

From the castle you either walk to the riverside of the Rhine or you head directly to the two church towers in the center. From the bank of the river Rhine you get a nice panoramic view on the city. Around Sint Jans church you find is the center of town. Here are restaurants, the Dorestad Museum and two excellent ice cream parlours. Right beside the church you find the regional tourist information office.


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