Festivals, events, flea-markets and dance music at NDSM


The NDSM is a great place; one of the nicest places in the North of Amsterdam, a stones throw away from the Central Railway Station. If you are looking for the Dutch roots of Dance Music this is the place to go. And if generally you like things to be a bit different from the ordinary its a great place to be. NDSM is a very popular place, the young and the old, everybody likes it here. On this former shipyard in the middle of the harbour of Amsterdam there are at about 100 creative companies and businesses in their self-build workshops. My blog gives you only a very limites impression about what is going on in the sanctuary. So you better go there and find out for yourself.

NDSM Ship Yard – A Free Haven

Take the free Ferry GVB nr. 52 behind Amsterdam Central Railway Station to go to the NDSM sanctuary. After a short boat trip you arrive at the post industrial shipyard of NDSM. Time has overtaken the industrial glory of the past. Hidden in this former industrial zone you will find theatres, urban art, underground cafe’s, galleries and weekly events.

NDSM has a hotel in a Crane: “Kraanhotel”

This hotel is in the impressive historical  ship crane called “Kraan 13”, it is a real eye catcher. Crane 13 is the only remaining crane on the NDSM shipyard. There are three luxuriously furnished suites created on a height of 35 and 50 meters. All three suites offer a magnificent view over Amsterdam and the river IJ. For total relaxation enjoy a jacuzzi on 50 meters height. For this extraordinary hotel you’ll have to reach deep in your pocket, one night costs about 435 euro.

DJ’s, dance music at NDSM and good meals at Noorderlicht

Nearby the Crane hotel is the cultural cafe/restaurant Noorderlicht, here you can enjoy a delicious lunch or evening diner or just sit on the shore of the IJ. Noorderlicht offers a regular program of musical entertainment.

A monthly giant Fleamarket at IJhallen near NDSM

Once a month there is the giant NDSM shipyard Fleamarket. Even if you don’t want to buy anything it is great to be there. The flea market offers everyone a business opportunity, you can rent a market stall for just €30 a day. You do not need a license.

Festivals at NDSM Port

A lot of festivals are organized on the NDSM sanctuary, some are free but for the most of them you have to buy a ticket.

Greenpeace headquarters at NDSM

Recently the main office of Greenpeace Holland has moved the restored forge at the national wharf monument NDSM.

Let the Peace be Green

Submarine for sale at NDSM

In the harbor lies a Russian submarine. The story goes, that you can buy it for € 1, -. But we didn’t find a reliable source which confirms this rumour, yet.

Book a trip on a Pancake boat at NDSM

Everybody loves Pancakes! Book a romantic Pancake cruise and eat as many Pancakes as you like while the ship sails over the IJ along Central Station and the new EYE Film Museum.

Make a tour on the Pancake Boat

This blog only gives a limited impression things that are going on the former NDSM ship yard. If you visit Amsterdam make sure you do not miss this place. A place “beyond the law” where almost anything is possible.

How to get to NDSM: Take the free Ferry 52 behind the Central Railway Station to NDSM Shipyard.

Top things to see around Amsterdam: The port of Amsterdam is a national thing but the port of Rotterdam is international mainstream. Do you want to see the  largest containerships of the world being unloaded by robots? Well make a trip around Rotterdam Harbor starting in the little town Hoek van Holland.


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