Utrecht a tale of light – Trajectum Lumen


A Utrecht tale of light 

Trajectum Lumen is a evening walk throug the historic centrum of Utrecht. You will see several objects that are artisticly lightend. Within Trajectum Lumen there are 25 artworks of light from domestic and foreign artists en students from de HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. You can see the light art every day, from sundown till midnight. When night falls youll be amazed by the beauty of historic Utrecht.

Tip: make this trip on a saterday and combine this with a visit to het Domplein. This tour is under guidens of a local guide, it takes about 1,5 hour and starts on the Vredenburg and ends on the Mariaplaats.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Ticket are for sale at the VVV shop on the Domplein or you can order them by telephone VVV booking
Tourdata: 22-11 / 29-11 / 06-12 / 13-12 / 20-12 / 27-12-14  om 20:30 uur
Price: € 10,- per persoon
Starting point: Infront of the VVV Utrecht on Domplein nr. 9.

You can walk this citywalk also without a guide. It’s more easy with the map that you can download on your smartphone or tablet. You can also get a map at the VVV on the Domplein or by cafe’s and restaurants nearby the Domplein.

The citywalk leads you over the Vredenburg, Neude-Neudeflat, Ganzenmarkt-Cityhal, Minrebroederstraat-St. Willibrordkerk, Janskerkhof-Janskerk, Drift, Kromme Nieuwegracht, Pieterskerkhof-Pieterskerk, Pausdam, Domplein,  Nieuwegracht and Buurkerkhof. The most beautiful are the illuminated bridges on the Oudegracht.

Students of the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht made a very nice informative digital tour of the city walk Trajectum Lumen.

Download the map on your smartphone or print it at forehand

Or you can walk this tour without a map. Just follow the lights in the street and be suprised by everything that the evening and night life of Utrecht will show you.


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